Monday, November 26, 2007

Having an overview of Logic

To have a general overview of Logic...

Knowing more about PHILOSOPHY

To know more about Philosophy...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome Philosophers!

Let us be together in studying life and reality.

As we seek to understand and explain the nature of life and reality, we would know more who we really are in consonance with the well-known philosophical expression "KNOW THYSELF". This study would then be generally enhancing our ability to think deeply and seriously about human affairs and life. Thus, it would help each of us be developed into a calm and rational person especially in dealing with adversities in life human beings are undeniably experiencing.

Whatever challenges we encounter, we would always be reminded of our reasoning ability especially of knowing what is right or wrong which is not basically present among the lower animals that lives by survival instinct. Scientifically, we have survival instinct but as rational beings, we are governed by principles, theories, beliefs, and other attributes that separate us from other living things. Indeed, studying life and reality is part of human life.

It implies now that WE ARE ALL PHILOSOPHERS as we live everyday.